Tips on Going Green

Make a List

See what you are using energy wise. Watts add up and you will quickly see the wasted energy, especially in lighting.


LED vs CFL Lighting

LED technology is taking over the industry as far as lighting is concerned. The main problem with CFL's is that the quality of light degrades over time. With LED there is no degrade in the output of the bulb and less energy is consummed.

All the Switches

Stop leaving lights on! If you have problems with lights being left on, consider putting in occupancy/vacancy sensors. These sensors know when you're in the room and turn the lights off after a set amount of time. 

A Little Dimming Goes a Long Way

Did you know that dimming your lights even slightly can make a significant reduction in your energy consumption? Consider running your lights at 80%.

Who Really Likes Baseboard Heat?
Answer: no one. Consider swapping out baseboard heaters with energy efficient convection heaters that circulate the warm air in the room. The problem with baseboard heaters is that they send the warm air straight to the ceiling and then it gradually descends to the level of the thermostat. With convection heaters the warm air is circulating around the room. No fans, no noise.
Programmable Thermostats 
Programmable thermostats can provide automatic set back times for reduced temperatures while you're at work or after you go to bed. They are also more sensitive to temperature change. 




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